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19022 - Austin, Morris Mini

Brand: Technomatic
Manufacturer part number: 19022
Shock - Stud & Sleeved Eye | Rear (LR)
1961 - 1979 | Austin, Morris | Mini | Incl. Mk III
Type: Shock - Stud & Sleeved Eye
Position: Rear (LR)
Year: 1961 - 1979
Make: Austin, Morris
Model: Mini
Derivative: Incl. Mk III

Technomatic is a range of Shock Absorbers, Spring Seat Shock Absorbers, MacPherson Struts and MacPherson Cartridges for Passenger Cars, Sports Cars, Station Wagons, Small LCV’s, MPV’s and SUV’s.

Nitrogen gas-pressured dynamic response design, Gabriel Technomatic gives both an exceptional ride as well as a quick response time – the ultimate in both comfort and safety.