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4049 - Custom Gas Spring

Brand: Gaslift
Manufacturer part number: 4049
Gas Spring - 16 Bore 8mm Rod (6mm Thread) (50 Newtons)
Extended Length (mm): 650
Collapsed Length: 343
Stroke (mm): 307
Nominal Gas Force (N): 50 Newtons
Maximum Gas Force (N): 500 Newtons

The Gabriel Gaslift Custom Range caters for but is not limited to non-automotive applications.

These custom units are ONLY PRESSURISED TO A NOMINAL 50N (Newtons) GAS FORCE with the intent that the enduse application dictates a calculated gas force requirement to be filled post purchase (see “Calculating the Force” formula).

The 4000 series can be pressurised up to 500N (Newtons) gas force.