About Gabriel

Gabrielis the leading shock absorber brand inthe South African automotive aftermarket and exports to Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Australia and N. America.Its sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution operations, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa, serve a network of wholesale distributors across South Africa and into Africa.

Gabrielhas a proud history of innovation and achievement stretching back to 1907 whenClaude Foster – the automotive parts pioneer who foundedGabriel in Cleveland, Ohio, USA – developed and patented the first shock absorber called the “Snubber”.

The company continued to prosper in the suspension business, pioneering many morefirsts – the first hydraulic shocks (1918), adjustable shocks (1956 and 1967), position and velocity sensitive shocks (1979), gas-charged twin tube shocks (1983) and velocity sensitive technology for shocks and struts (1996).

Gabrielfirst came to South Africa in 1935, importing all products from the US. Productionin South Africa started in 1962 and some time later, in 1984,Gabriel South Africamadeits own contribution toGabriel’s innovative history with the design and manufacturer of the“gas springs” which were promptly adopted byGabrielplants worldwide.

TodayGabriel South Africaemploys nearly 300 staff members at its manufacturing plant in Retreat, Cape Town, producing shock absorbers, MacPherson struts, strut cartridges (pressurised and non-pressurised designs), and gas springs (Gabriel Gas Lift).

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant houses its own research and engineering facilities. Prototypes areassembled, tested and re-tested here by qualified engineers under laboratory as well as actual operating conditions.

Our products are distributed nationally to spares shops and workshops through our wholesale network; we also export some of these products internationally. We have trained representatives, based in in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein andKwa-Zulu Natal, which service some 1600 retail outlets.

These nationwide retail outlets proudly display the Gabriel name which has become synonymous with the higheststandard of quality.