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Gabriel SA Enters Learning Partnership to Further Enhance Staff Skills

05 Dec 2019

Gabriel SA has entered into a partnership with the University of Stellenbosch Business School, MasterStart and Gibbs to develop staff members at junior management level.

“The customised programmes will be rolled out as a closed cohort for Gabriel SA and will allow employees to interpret and understand the course content as it applies to their working environment. Assignments will be work-specific, allowing employees to solve problems as they would in the workplace,” explained Faheem Simon, HR & SHE Manager (CHRP), Gabriel SA.

“The online and blended learning courses will provide staff with work-ready and relevant skills for today’s professional world. We are committed to providing staff with the industry experience and working knowledge they need to excel in their careers.”

It is an accredited qualification and upon successful completion, learners will receive a National Certificate: Generic Management, NQF 5, SABPP Accredited with 162 credits. Enrolment will commence on 14 January 2020.

The learning will cover facets of Gabriel’s business to build and manage teams, drive profitability, and enhance knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

“Gabriel will be assigned their own tutor to guide and assist learners throughout the learning experience. The tutors are knowledgeable in the academic content, policies and procedures, whilst empowering learners to achieve academic success,” explained Mr Simon.

The tutors will be on hand to answer questions, solve issues, encourage and guide learners, while maintaining an interactive environment and provide clarification on aspects of the course content. Learners will be able to chat on email or live chat, in real time, with their tutor.

Mr Simon said that Gabriel SA has recently restructured their operations. “At the junior management and supervisory tier of the business three distinctive levels of management exist based on the previous structure of the business. Gabriel plans to incorporate this into a single level.”

“Traditionally, staff at this level have progressed mainly on work experience. An academic qualification has not been required for this progression. The result is that most staff members at this level have matric as the highest qualification.”

“We are confident that on completion of the course, we will have a junior management team that will have the necessary platform and skills to take Gabriel successfully into the future,” he said.

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