01 Nov 2019
KING PRICE F400 Karting Challenge Race Report Round 9
Round 9 of the KING PRICE F400 Karting Challenge took place Zwartkops on October 27. The Mini-Maxi sponsored by the Gabriel Shocks SA team of Fernando De Araujo, Clyde McCree and Graham Donker, currently placed 2nd in the Championship going into this race, came prepared to take over the leadership board.
10 Oct 2019
The Rainy Season Is Upon Us - Pot Holes Galore!
The rainy season can cause further damage to roads creating more gaping holes and more damage to vehicles. As we so well know, potholes come in all shapes and sizes and grow with the rains. So what can you do about this? Good shock absorbers can dampen the effect that potholes have on the suspension of your vehicle.
27 Sep 2019
No Good Replacing Your Tyres, Without Checking Your Shocks
Worn shocks and struts significantly reduce your ability to control your vehicle. For maximum driver safety, comfort, and control, Gabriel recommends that you have your shocks or struts replaced every 80,000 km. It is also important to regularly inspect them for signs of damage or oil leaks. Dented or damaged shocks can be caused by outside forces such as stones which can impede the shocks performance.