The Gabriel Advantage


Track Record & Market Leader

Gabriel has been in South Africa for 85 years and has held a market-leading position here for over three decades, having first achieved a dominant 50% market share in 1977. Innovation and an excellent track record have seen the Gabriel name become and remain synonymous with the highest standard of quality. Gabriel is the preferred product used by most fitment workshop and spares groups.

Gabriel South Africa boasts a 3 Year Warranty period. (see our Warranty Policy here)

Global expertise, local support

Gabriel South Africa has access to additional global technical expertise.

Gabriel South Africa has made its own contributions to Gabriel’s innovative history, most famously with the design and manufacture of the first ever “gas spring”, named the Gabriel Gas Lift, in 1984. First widely used on the doors of hatch back vehicles, the Gabriel Gas Lift is now used for hundreds of different applications in many different industries around the world – aviation, agriculture, medical, marine and furniture – and new applications are still found each year.


Gabriel provides shock absorbers, MacPherson struts and strut cartridges (pressurized and non-pressurized designs) for most popular vehicle makes.

There are more than 2100 applications in the Gabriel range, Gabriel is the preferred product used by most fitment workshop and spares groups and is widely available through most aftermarket outlets.